Meeting Minutes, Sun, Oct. 4, 2015

Those in attendance were: Dan Kuhlman, Bill Kinnersley, Gene Wee, Dee Boeck, Jason Holbert, Don Cackler, Lori Cackler, Becky McClure, Karen Hyde, Greg Burger

Meeting was called to order by President Dan.

Jason, our treasurer, gave his report indicating a bank balance of $5,293.86. There have been some expenditures for the youth running program and deposits from renting out our timing equipment, memberships and t-day run entries. A bank statement was passed around for perusal. Don made a motion to accept the treasurer's report, Karen seconded and they were approved unanimously.

A copy of the September minutes was passed around. After everyone had a chance to review them, Jason moved that they be accepted as submitted, Gene seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Those in attendance were asked to tell about any races or other activity they had been involved in the past month.  Our members have been very active in everything from youth x-c running to ultra trails runs to 5K road races to half marathons. It was a good example of how our club is for all different types of runners and running.

Dan updated us on the activities of the Youth Running Program which is coming to a successful conclusion. Numbers were up from last year and Dan indicated the quality of the runners was the highest its ever been.  An end-of-season mile run and brunch was held at the country home of Coach Morgison. Most of the x-c group and their parents attended.  Fast times were posted and homemade breakfast burritos were consumed.  There have been opportunities for several competitions for the YRP runners and a couple remain. Club members gave a big thank you to Dan for organizing and conducting this highly successful program for the club.

Becky gave a presentation on the club's 8-week training program leading up to participation in the Thanksgiving Day 5K.  Their organizational meeting was held last week with about eight individuals attending (15 have signed up later reported by Kendra Kuhlman).  She and coaches Heidi Matsakis and Kendra will be leading the training sessions on Tuesday evenings. Dan and Dee indicated they would be available to help out as needed.  This is another valuable service the club is providing to the community. It was noted that several of this year's participants are actually from outside Lawrence - Topeka, Tonganoxie and McLouth included.

Gene noted that the new running store, Ad Astra, is now open. Club members will receive a 20% discount on shoes.  There will also be special sale days when clothing items, etc. will be at a discount to club members.

A club member will be attending the Woodlawn School PTO meeting Wednesday evening to go over the plans with the PTO and get them started recruiting volunteers for the fun run.  We also expect an art teacher to come up with volunteer t-shirt designs and a phys ed teacher to get neighborhood flyers delivered prior to the event.  Dee has been in touch with Principal Fridell and making the normal arrangements for use of the gym and lunchroom.

Gene also talked about the revised courses this year due to construction activity.

He also submitted a chart listing all volunteers from last year and those who have already committed again for this year.

Club members should be thinking about running for office next year or at least nominating a willing club member.

At 5:30 p.m. Gene moved for adjournment; Don seconded - passed unanimously.

Dan won the door prize.

Printed T-Day 5K entry forms were handed out and club members were urged to take a stack and deliver them to various locations around town.

Submitted by Dee Boeck
in the absence of Secretary Heidi