Meeting Minutes, Sun, Dec 4, 2016

(approved, Jan 8, 2017)

Lawrence Public Library, Room C

Present: Don Cackler, Brenda Groskinsky, Gene Wee, Dee Boeck, Becky McClure, Janet Huchingson, Celeste Leonardi, Jason Holbert, Karen Hyde

Brenda called the meeting to order.

We reviewed the minutes from the November meeting. Dee moved to accept the minutes as written; Jason seconded and all approved.

Jason gave the treasurer’s report. After checks went out this month totaling $4,180.82 for race expenses, the club has a current balance of $24,893.72. Don moved to accept the treasurer’s report; Gene seconded and all approved.

Gene gave a financial summary of the Thanksgiving Day Run. There were 1,174 paid entrants, which is one hundred more than last year. The participants, 54% female and 46% male, came from 29 different states and provinces. There are still three bills outstanding and one expected incoming payment, but as of Sunday’s meeting the club’s net income from the race was $11,379. We expect the final total to be more. You can see the full financial report at the next club meeting

Dee added to the T-Day Run report. Again, the event was a great success. The two winners, male and female, are under shoe contracts and therefore donated their rewards (shoes from Ad Astra). The club donated one pair to the CASA shoe fund, and one pair was given away to a race participant via a drawing. Olympian marathoner (Rio games) Amy Cragg set a new record for the event.

Elizabeth had offered suggestions via e-mail which were shared at the meeting. She suggested having coolers with cups at the start line and saving the bottled water for after the race. She noted that many partially full bottles had been discarded. She also suggested that we try to compost the banana and orange peels next year.

Karen said that her course marshal husband, Tony, is concerned about safety issues caused by participants who run with their dogs. He noted that one participant ran with his dog off-leash. The members present agreed that we might want to add a prohibitory statement concerning dogs in the race signup sheet.

We have applications for funding from the marathon clubs at Broken Arrow and Kennedy. Dee sent the new application form to Denise Johnson at Lawrence USD497 for distribution.

Brenda asked whether the club would like to form a committee to research pros and cons of various surfaces for the Lawrence bike path in order to make a statement to the city from the club about our preferences and concerns. Dee and Becky expressed an interest in serving on the committee.

Brenda gave an update on the runLawrence Strategic Plan Outline. She had added the suggestions from the October club meeting to the outline in progress. The group reviewed this new version and added a few additional suggestions. Next, Brenda will put the bullets in the draft into explanatory paragraphs and bring the document to the board for approval.

Brenda mentioned that we need to decide whether or not to send members to the RRCA National Meeting in March (9-12) in Detroit. How many do we want to send and who might be interested in going?

Elections for officers will be held next month. Jason has stepped down as treasurer, and no one at the meeting expressed an interest in serving, so we are looking for a treasurer. Brenda and Becky will serve another year as president and vice-president. Karen will serve another year as secretary, if needed.

Please renew your membership for 2017.

Karen moved to adjourn the meeting; Jason seconded and all approved.

Submitted by Karen Hyde