Meeting Minutes, Sun, July 3, 2016

(pending approval)

runLawrence Meeting (Sunday, July 3rd , 4:30 pm, Lawrence Memorial Hospital)

Present:  Gene Wee, Dee Boeck, Brenda Groskinsky, Jason Holbert, Don and Lori Cackler, Karen Hyde

Brenda called the meeting to order.

The group reviewed the minutes from the June meeting.  Dee moved to approve the minutes; Don seconded and all approved.

Jason gave the treasurer’s report.  The club’s current balance is $12,336.87.  No credits or debits occurred this month.  Members can find the treasurer’s report on the runLawrence website in the section labeled “About Us”.

The group discussed proposed changes to the draft copy of the new bylaws. Please find the draft copy of the new bylaws on the runLawrence website in the section “About Us”.  Proposed changes include:

  1.  In section II. Purpose:  Karen questioned the use of the clause “provides awards for club members” since the club doesn’t provide awards other than the discounts that are given at local running stores which are subject to the decisions of the store management.  Lori moved to delete the clause; Dee seconded, and all approved.

  2. In section IV. Membership: Lori and Karen questioned the phrase “runLawrence code of conduct” noting that the club doesn’t currently have a code of conduct.  Dee and Gene mentioned that the phrase was included because the committee used the RRCA suggested bylaws as a model for our bylaws.  The group decided to omit the phrase but to consider formulating a code of conduct for future use.

  3. In section VI. Meetings of the Membership:  Lori asked for clarification of the first sentence.  The group decided to finish the sentence as …time established by the Board of Directors, and will be designated the annual meeting.An addition was made to the final sentence to read as “Quorum at the annual meeting of the membership will be the majority of the Board of Directors (no less than 3) and no less than 9 voting.

  4. In section VII. Board of Directors:  The group decided to omit the paragraph from the RRCA guidelines (included in grey print on previous draft) that concerns proxy or absentee ballots.

  5. In section IX. Finances:  Lori questioned the use of the last sentence concerning “excess funds”.  Since the club currently does not invest “excess funds” in a separate account, the group decided to omit the final sentence.  In past meetings, members have noted that we need to set aside reserve funds sufficient to cover our expenses for the Thanksgiving Day Run in case there is a year when our proceeds are down. 

The draft copy of the current bylaws with the above changes will be available at the August club meeting and on the runLawrence website.  Changes to the bylaws will be finalized at the September meeting.

Dee gave the Thanksgiving Day Run report.  She has sent out letters to past sponsors, and Heidi will send out letters to more past sponsors next week.  Dee is soliciting sponsorship from the new fitness club Planet Fitness.  So far HyVee is the only returning sponsor yet to commit, and their donation for the cookies is down to a 10% discount from last year’s 20%.  Gene distributed a flyer describing possible sponsorship opportunities ranging from $500 to $100.  A new $400 2-Year Mile Marker sponsorship for corporation logos on teardrop banners along the race course is being considered.  Please see the draft copy of the sponsorship opportunities on the runLawrence website.

The August 7th club meeting will be at Greg and Elizabeth Burger Burger’s house.  Gene will post the invitation soon on the website with directions to the house and advising members of whether to bring a side dish or a dessert.  The strategic planning activity, facilitated by Elizabeth and Brenda, will begin at 3:00.  Please come to provide input and to listen to other club members’ input.  Afterwards, we’ll have our social meeting.

Gene mentioned that club member Dick Lipsey has requested that runLawrence a 12K run.  Members present were not interested in taking on the project.  Dee suggested that he contact the Lawrence Parks and Recreation Department.

Don moved to adjourn the meeting.  All seconded.

Karen Hyde