Meeting Minutes, Sun, May 1, 2016

(approved June 12, 2016)

Present:  Gene Wee, Dee Boeck, Becky McClure, Karen Hyde, Elizabeth Burger

Becky called the meeting to order at 4:37 pm. The group reviewed the minutes from the April meeting. Dee moved to accept the minutes.  Gene seconded and all approved.

Becky gave the treasurer’s report that Jason had submitted to the group. As of May first, the club has a balance of $13,787.70.  Two payments were made during the month and the checks have cleared the bank.  One check was made for $1069.14 to Brenda Groskinsky for reimbursement for RRCA Convention expenses, and on check was made to Lawrence Memorial Hospital for $100.00 to pay for the Donation Ceremony Catering.

The five members present began to prioritize the eight proposed areas of focus for the club. It was decided that we should begin to focus on three of the areas.  In addition, suggestions were made concerning which club members should be asked to serve on the three committees.  The committees are:

  1. Strategic planning - Brenda, Dan, Ann,
  2. Financial planning - Elizabeth, Gene, Jason,
  3. Bylaws - Brenda, Gene and Dee

In the case of those members listed above who were not present at the meeting, the executive committee will ask for their participation.

Dee suggested that these committees should get together prior to the Annual Summer Meeting in August to begin their work, and that they should then invite all present at the meeting to get involved in a committee of their choice.

Elizabeth suggested that the Strategic Planning committee should look for ways to make the club more welcoming toward joggers and walkers in addition to runners.

The next meeting will be Sunday, June 5th (changed later to June 12th) at 4:30 in the library conference room A.

The July meeting is tentatively set for July 10th.

The Annual meeting and social event will be hosted at Elizabeth and Greg Burger’s house.  The date is tentatively set for Sunday, August 7th.

The meeting was adjourned by mutual agreement.

Submitted by Karen Hyde.