Meeting Minutes, Sun, Oct 3, 2016

(approved Nov 6, 2016)

Lawrence Public Library

Present:  Brenda Groskinsky, Dee Boeck, Gene Wee, Jason Holbert, Don Cackler, Lori Cackler, Dan Kuhlman, Becky McClure, Elizabeth Burger, Janet Huchingson, John Huchingson, Bill Kinnersley, and Karen Hyde.

Dee read the minutes from the August meeting.  They will be posted on the runLawrence website.

Jason gave the treasurer’s report.  The club currently has a balance of $9,439.36.  Three checks were cleared this month for the printing of race flyers, $171.87, socks for the race participants, $165.00 and supplies for the club picnic this past Aug., $52.26.

Dee gave an update on preparations for the Thanksgiving Day Run.  The course will be the same as last year’s modified course.  The volunteer t-shirts will have the same logo this year as the socks.  VanGo is making the awards, and we have two new sponsors, Sprouts and the Levee Café.

The club needs a volunteer with a pickup truck to pick up the barricades on Wed. before the race, to transport them to Woodlawn School, to pick them up after the race, and to return them to the rental company on Friday (Anderson’s or company TBA).

The club is still looking to confirm a singer for the national anthem on race day morning.

Brenda presented a draft copy of the Strategic Plan for the club which she created based upon the information gathered at the inquiry session in August.  Brenda will post on the club website an updated addition that includes suggestions offered by club members at the Oct. meeting.  She asks that all club members read the draft copy and decide whether the bullets in the draft reflect what we are doing and what we want to continue to do.  At the December business meeting, we hope to begin prioritizing our objectives in order to set strategic short term and long term goals (long term being 3-5 years out).

Elizabeth thanked Brenda for her efforts in preparing the strategic plan, and others seconded her appreciation.

Gene reported that our equipment was rented for the Perry Lecompton Cross Country event. This year the club made $428.00 on rentals.

Several members reported on recent races that they’ve done and records that they’ve broken.  John Huchingson set the 15K record for the 75-59 age group at the Tiger Trot Race held outside of Wichita. The record had stood for 13 years and John broke it by 8 minutes!  Bravo, John.

Dee Broke the Kansas 1 mile record for the 65-69 age group at the Mass St. Mile in July.  She also set a Missouri record for women aged 66 in the 10K at the Plaza 10K in September.  Bravo, Dee.

Dan won his age group (60-69) at the Pike’s Peak Ultra 30K.  The Colorado runners were in awe of our flatland club member!

Bill shared his race report on the Sacred Steps 5K which is held in Overland Park.  He was impressed by the boy scouts and other youth who sang the national anthem and by the unique medals made by some of the race’s beneficiaries in Africa.

Karen moved to adjourn the meeting at 5:35.  Jason seconded and all agreed.
The next meeting will be on November 6th at 4:30 in the library meeting room A, unless otherwise noted.

Submitted by Karen Hyde