Meeting Minutes, Sun, April 9, 2017

(pending approval)

Lawrence Public Library

Present:  Brenda Groskinsky, Gene Wee, Dee Boeck, Don and Lori Cackler, Becky McClure, Dan Kuhlman, Janet Huchingson, Ann Carlin Ozegovic, Denise Johnson, and Karen Hyde

Brenda called the meeting to order.

We reviewed the minutes from the March meeting.  Don moved to approve the minutes; Gene seconded, and all approved.

Dee gave the treasurer’s report.  The club made $40.00 on new membership dues last month.  Checks were sent to the beneficiaries of the T-day run.  Four groups have not yet cashed their checks.  Currently, the club has a balance of $18,527.25. 
The group discussed whether to accept Quail Run’s application for a donation (which had been submitted after the January deadline).  Dee made the motion to accept the application; Dan seconded, and all approved.  Quail Run will receive a donation of $550.00 just as the other beneficiaries.

Brenda mentioned that she will discuss the RRCA convention at a later meeting, possibly in May.  She would like to have a 30 minute time slot.

Denise Johnson, the Health and Wellness coordinator for USD497, attended the meeting.  She stated that all fourteen elementary schools in Lawrence now have marathon clubs thanks in part to the club’s donations.  She mentioned that more than 16,000 students in grades K-5 are actively participating.  The clubs are run by volunteers.  This year’s culminating event will be on Thursday, May 4th.  Denise asked club members for input concerning the start time for the event and the location.  Most likely the event will begin at 5:30 and end at 7:30 with the one mile running portion scheduled to begin at 6:00.  Denise is most likely planning to hold the event at the Outside for a Better Inside Trail near LMH.  She will organize volunteers from runLawrence, Ad Astra, and both LHS and Free State track teams to help supervise.  After the running portion, runLawrence representatives will present Denise a “check” showing the total amount that the club donated to the various beneficiaries this year. (The actual checks have already been distributed to the beneficiaries.)  Denise expressed sincere gratitude to the club for our donations this year and in past years.  She said that the donations help to cover the cost of incentives for students and for the fee to use the Strike Track system which keeps count of each student’s mileage.

Denise mentioned that the school district would like the club to consider writing one check to the district which would then be distributed to the various beneficiaries.  District officials believe that such a change would simplify the application process and the distribution of funds.

Dee gave a report on plans for next year’s T-day run.  She has initiated contact with Happy Shirt printing company to print participants’ and volunteers’ shirts.  She plans to contact Van Gough to create the awards again.  The group discussed the need to make some minor improvements to the kids’ run.

Congratulations were offered to Dee for setting an age-group record for the 12K (64-69, set at the Hiawatha Hustle in Wichita).

Brenda expressed a need to approach Ad Astra about possibly giving them some advice about organization of their races and running events.  No decisions were made about how to tactfully proceed.

Brenda mentioned that she is considering serving as the state representative to RRCA, unless another club member desires to serve.  The representative travels throughout the state to meet with running clubs with the intent of enlisting them to join RRCA. 

The next runLawrence meeting will be May 7th at 4:30, location TBA.

Gene moved to adjourn the meeting; Dan seconded, and all agreed.

Submitted by Karen Hyde