Club Meeting Minutes
Sun, December 3, 2017

(Approved Jan 3, 2018)

4:30 pm, Lawrence Public Library, room A

Present:  Brenda Groskinsky, Gene Wee, Dee Boeck, Becky McClure, Don Cackler, Denise Johnson and Karen Hyde

Brenda called the meeting to order.

We reviewed the minutes from the November meeting.  Don moved to accept the minutes as written; Gene seconded, and all approved.

Gene gave the treasurer’s report.  The end of November balance is $13,863.53.  As of Dec. 3, the net earnings from the T-day race are $9,787.46, but Gene said that we can expect another check from race entries valuing approximately $4,000.  Total income from race sponsors was $1,550.00.  Gene mentioned that this year we spent more for participants’ shirts than what we spent for socks last year, spent more for barricades, and had to purchase the music license.  A full treasurer’s report can be seen on the runLawrence website in the “About Us” section.

Dee gave the T-day race review.  Overall, the race went very well, and the response from participants was overwhelmingly positive.  We had 1,226 participants.  One or two north Lawrence residents were upset about not being able to leave their driveways, and one or two people said that they didn’t receive the flyer containing race day info.  One man placed a formal complaint with the city.  As a result of this feedback and after consulting with a city representative, Gene stated that next year we will send post cards to approx. 500 addresses to give residents warning about race day activities.  The postcards and postage will constitute an added expense, but all agreed that we need to keep the neighborhood informed.  Gene is also planning to change the course next year to alleviate some of the zigzagging and thus make the volunteers’ jobs easier and make it less likely that neighborhood residents will encounter more than one road block.  The new course will include a portion on the levy.  Gene made contact with Ted Boyle, the president of the North Lawrence Neighborhood Association, and will keep him informed of race course and race day developments.

In further race day discussion, Karen suggested that we post the names of the sponsors on the food tables so that participants will know which organizations contributed the various items.  Karen also relayed Janet Huchingson’s comment that various participants inquired about the ingredients in the donated bread (i.e. nuts or not). 

Denise mentioned that we might want to invite marathon club students to participate with their group and their families.  The club members present were receptive to the idea.



Denise spoke about the process that the marathon clubs follow to receive donations from runLawrence.  She shared copies of the applications that she and Elizabeth developed.  She explained that to ease the process for the marathon club volunteers, USD497 district employees, and school principals it is preferable that runLawrence submit one check to USD497.  She explained that the money is then distributed to all 14 elementary schools and is allocated to a specific line item in each school’s budget that can only be used for marathon club expenditures.  She also stated that, if a marathon club does not spend all of the money donated by runLawrence in a given year, the money will remain in the fund for the following year.  Denise mentioned that all clubs have to pay an annual licensing fee, which varies on the amount of participants, but that averages between $250-$500 dollars.  That fee, money for participant t-shirts and various incentive prizes are generally what is needed by each club each year. Denise is committed to ensuring a sustainable source of money and volunteers to keep clubs functioning in all elementary schools and is very appreciative of the donations from runLawrence to help achieve that end.

Denise also spoke about collaborating with Dr. Nancy Hamilton of KU to develop an assignment for students taking one of Dr. Hamilton's behavioral health classes.  To complete the assignment, students must volunteer with the marathon clubs.  This year 32 students volunteered.  Denise also plans to ask for help from the Boys and Girls Clubs at each (?) school to administer the marathon club activities.

Denise mentioned that she will be planning a culminating activity to take place this spring where runLawrence can present a token ‘check’ to a representative of the marathon clubs.

Dee asked for help in writing thank you cards to the race sponsors.  Several members volunteered to help.

Gene mentioned that there will be a Race Directors’ Conference in Kansas City on Thurs., Jan. 11.  Please see the link posted on the runLawrence website or contact Gene for details.

Don moved to adjourn the meeting; Dee seconded and all agreed.

Submitted by Karen Hyde.