Meeting Minutes, Sun, Feb 12, 2017

(approved March 5, 2017)

Lawrence Public Library, Room A

Present:  Brenda Groskinsky, Gene Wee, Dee Boeck, Don Cackler, Becky McClure, John and Janet Huchingson, Elizabeth Burger, Dan Kuhlman, Ann Carlin Ozegovic and Karen Hyde.

Brenda called the meeting to order.

We reviewed the minutes from the January meeting.  Don moved to accept the minutes as written; John seconded, and all approved.

Gene gave the treasurer’s report.  A payment of $108.23 was made for chocolate milk.  Two deposits of $48.50 and $108.75 were made for member membership dues.  The club’s balance as of 2/12/17 is $27,478.75.  The final net income from the 2016 T-Day Run is $14,981.62.  The Form 990N was submitted on 1/20/17 as required by the IRS for tax-exempt organizations.

The club is still looking for a new treasurer.

Dan Kuhlman gave an update on the prospective youth running program that current runLawrence members, Paul and Meg Hefferon, are interested in developing.  They are looking at a middle school program and possibly an adjunct high school off-season program.  They are not yet sure of how they want to organize the program and whether they hope to be sponsored by Ad Astra, runLawrence, a combination of both, or on their own.  Both are former collegiate runners; Paul ran for KU.  Dan is very enthusiastic about the prospects and will support the program.  Members present expressed a desire to support the program, but we will wait until the Hefferons come to a meeting to present their plans before taking further action.

Elizabeth gave an update on the marathon club applications for donations.  There are 14 applications (one is currently lost in Denise Johnson’s e-mail box) from 10 Lawrence elementary school clubs, Liberty Middle School, Eudora’s middle and elementary school, and the CASA shoe program.  Denise Johnson, UDS497 wellness coordinator,  recommended that we give each group the same amount and suggested that we might write one check to USD497 to cover the clubs in the Lawrence schools.  Elizabeth stated that the requests ranged from $450 to $1000 dollars and that the groups desire to use the money for incentives, safety infrastructure and to pay the annual fee for use of the STRIDE electronic tracking system.  The system requires that each school pay an annual fee of $200 to $300 depending on the number of runners.  It was noted that Lawrence Memorial Hospital has pledged to give each school $100 towards this fee per year.

Elizabeth recommended that we give between $500 and $600 per group/program.  Dee moved that we give each group/program $550; Don seconded, and all approved. 

The group decided against writing one check to USD497 but to continue to write separate checks to each program.  Elizabeth moved that we issue the checks in March, and that we participate in a joint celebration in May with the marathon clubs.  Denise Johnson will coordinate the planning for the celebration, but runLawrence will have a committed presence there.  Don seconded the motion, and all approved.  Elizabeth will be the liaison between Denise Johnson, the marathon club contacts and run Lawrence. Someone from the club will extend the invitation to participate in the celebration to the Eudora clubs and the CASA program recipients.  Dan expressed a formal thank you to Elizabeth for her work with the marathon clubs.  All present expressed thanks as well!

Ad Astra appreciation day for runLawrence members will be February 28th.  Members will receive a 20% discount for any merchandise other than Garmin products.  Refreshments will be served starting at 5:30 pm.

Gary Gribbles Running Store is also offering 10% discounts to run Lawrence members.  This discount is in addition to the 10% discount under their previous rewards plan.  Members can add the plans to together to get up to 20%.

Becky mentioned that a developer from North Carolina plans to have a meeting on March 6th (time and place TBA) to discuss his plan to build a whitewater rafting facility at the Clinton Lake State Park.  Input and concerns from local citizens are encouraged.

Congratulations to John Hutchinson for setting another Kansas state record, this time for the 4 mile distance!

Brenda presented an update on the strategic planning for the club.  Attached is the road map to help us finish the review and acceptance of the plan.

The next meeting will be March 5th at 4:30 at the Lawrence Public Library.

Submitted by Karen Hyde.