Meeting Minutes, Sun, Jan 8, 2017

(approved Feb 5, 2017)

Lawrence Public Library, Room C

Present:  Brenda Groskinsky, Gene Wee, Dee Boeck, Don and Lori Cackler, Becky McClure, Jason Holbert, Greg and Elizabeth Burger, and Karen Hyde

Brenda called the meeting to order.

We reviewed the minutes from the December meeting.  Dee moved to accept the minutes as written; Jason seconded, and all approved.

Jason gave the treasurer’s report.  After checks went out to Anderson rentals and Gene Wee for race expenses, Lawrence Public Schools for the building rental (Woodlawn), and RRCA for insurance renewal, the club has a balance of $27,419.73.

Gene mentioned that Gary Gribbles running store is offering 10% discounts to runLawrence members.

Lori moved to nominate Brenda, Becky and Karen to serve in their current officer positions during 2017; Gene seconded, and all approved.

The club is still in need of a treasurer for the 2017 term.  Elizabeth asked about sending all members a request to consider filling the position and asked whether we might entice someone to accept by mentioning the possibility of traveling to the RRCA convention in March.  All agreed with the idea, and Gene will send the request to members.

Gene gave an update on the Youth Running Program.  Dan Kuhlman has been talking with Paul and Meg Hefferon about possibly serving as the coaches for the program this year.  It was mentioned that the two would benefit from attending an RRCA or USATF coaches certification program prior to stepping into this role and that the club could provide the funding. Greg moved that Paul and Meg come to a club meeting to present their plans prior to our taking further action.  Brenda seconded, and all approved.

Gene and Elizabeth gave an update on news from the marathon clubs.  Applications for donations are due at the end of January; so far four applications have been received.  Elizabeth will follow-up with the leaders of the clubs.  She suggested that we give out the awards at the April 2nd meeting, and that we meet outdoors to go for a short run with the kids prior to the ceremony which will still be held indoors at the hospital. Elizabeth will do more planning and report to the club at a future meeting.  Becky suggested that we have the hospital cater the event again.  All present agreed.  In addition, we had some discussion concerning the dollar amount that each group will receive this year.  The consensus was that not every group necessarily needs to receive the same amount.  Jason suggested basing the amount on the number of participants at each school.  Karen suggested that we might consider the socio-economic status of the various schools (as reported by the number of students on free or reduced lunches) when making our decisions.  No decision was reached at the meeting.

Brenda discussed the current status of the Strategic Plan.  She had written the information from the graphic organizer in paragraph form and presented it to the group.  There was some discussion about the meaning of “partnership” as it is used in the plan and how partners might differ from sponsors. Brenda asked that members review the latest draft of the plan and e-mail suggestions to her.  She intends to bring an updated draft to the February meeting for possible approval.

Ad Astra running store will hold an appreciation day for runLawrence members on Tuesday, February 28th.  Discounts will run all day, and at 5:30 pm they will begin serving refreshments.  Brenda reported that one of the owners, Jay, has expressed an interest in working with runLawrence on community outreach events.

The next meeting will be February 12th at 4:30 at the library.

Prior to adjourning, Elizabeth gave a brief explanation about why the city prefers to use concrete v. asphalt on the multi-use trails.  The concrete trails cost less initially, require less maintenance over the long term, and are more easily made ADA accessible. She offered to give a more detailed explanation at a future meeting if the group desires.

The group unanimously adjourned.

Submitted by Karen Hyde