Meeting Minutes, Sun, March 5, 2017

(approved Apr 9, 2017)

The meeting was called to order by President Brenda Groskinsky at 4:30 pm at the Lawrence Public Library

Present were:   Brenda, Bill Kinnersley, Don Cackler, Lori Cackler, Dee Boeck

Brenda passed around the list of workshops available at the RRCA Convention this coming weekend which she will be attending.   She asked club members to check which workshops they were particularly interested in.  There were many more relevant sessions than Brenda would be able to attend but she will get to as many as possible.  In the future, it would be good to have at least two club members attend this worthwhile convention.

The February meeting minutes were approved with one small grammatical change. Dee moved to approve and Bill seconded - approved unanimously.

In light of the fact that the treasurer position is still open, Dee indicated that the bank balance is $24,473.75 and the most recent back statement was circulated for perusal.  It was noted that the amount approved for our T-Day host school of $3,000 was recently paid.

Dee indicated she would be writing the checks to the beneficiaries of the T-Day run, which were voted on and approved at the February meeting, this week as we now have all the mailing information for each organization.

Brenda briefly went over the club's strategic plan road map and all present were impressed with her on-going efforts in this regard.  We had a discussion last month as to just how to define a club "partner".  Brenda proposed the following:  "Those who participate in activities to help support or sponsor runLawrence traditions, such as the annual T-Day 5K and the USD marathon clubs". We looked over all the objectives and Brenda indicated knowing our objectives will allow us to develop a realistic budget. The strategic plan will be discussed more completely at the April club meeting.

Bill indicated that he is participating in an interesting program offered by the Kansas City Running Company called "I Run the City."  You join the group for a set fee which then entitles you to enter any of a large number of KC area 5Ks for $25 each.  For someone who enters several KC area 5Ks, it does not take long to make it worthwhile.  A goal is to get runners to visit as many of the KC area suburbs or small villages as possible.

The meeting adjourned at 5:30.

Submitted by Dee Boeck
in the absence of the Secretary