Club Meeting Minutes
Sun, May 7, 2017

(approved June 11, 2017)

4:30 pm, Lawrence Memorial Hospital -
Present:  Brenday Groskinsky, Gene Wee, Dee Boeck, Becky McClure, Don and Lori Cackler, and Karen Hyde

Brenda called the meeting to order.

We reviewed the minutes from the April meeting.  Dee moved to accept the minutes; Becky seconded, and all approved.

Gene gave the treasurer’s report.  As of May 6th, the club had a balance of $18,017.25.  Membership dues worth $45.00 were deposited and Broken Arrow PTO cashed its check.  So far in May, a check has been issued to Brenda to reimburse her for the expenses for travel to the RRCA convention and for convention fees, and Schwegler Marathon Club has cashed its check.  As of May 7th, the club has a balance of $16,075.20.  Dee mentioned that we will no longer receive a paper copy of the account’s balance sheet because the bank has been charging us $5.00 each month.  We have access to the document on-line, and Gene can print a copy for the board to see.

Brenda gave a report on the sessions that she attended at the RRCA Convention.   Please see the attached Brenda’s RRCA Convention Notes(right column).

During Brenda’s presentation, we had discussion about RRCA’s recommendations concerning race waivers.  It was noted that the children in a jog stroller are NOT covered under our current RRCA insurance.  We discussed whether to discourage or ban strollers from our race.  No definitive decision was reached; Brenda suggested that we need to get more information from RRCA before making a final decision and before deciding on the exact language to use on the waiver.  It was also noted that RRCA wants us to discourage bib swapping (even though it is covered by the insurance).  We will be considering whether and how to state this information on the entry form for the T-Day race.

Also concerning the T-Day race, we will need to purchase a music license in order to have a DJ play music.  RRCA is working to set up a relationship with BMI, a company that sells the licensing, so that we can then obtain the license from RRCA.  The cost is expected to be approx. $100.00.

Brenda stated that she has been selected to be the Kansas representative to RRCA.  She made it clear that her duties as president of runLawrence and state rep. are separate, and that she is not in a position to ask for help from club members to do things on behalf of RRCA, although she will welcome feedback or help when it is offered voluntarily.

Dee gave the marathon club update.  We issued the check to Woodlawn Elementary, so all beneficiaries have been issued their checks but not all have been cashed.  The celebratory run with students from the clubs that was to be organized by Denise Johnson, the wellness coordinator for USD497, was cancelled.

Brenda briefly reviewed the strategic plan.

She added the following definition for ‘partner’: Those who participate in activities to either help sponsor or support runLawrence traditions such as the annual T-Day race and Lawrence Public Schools’ Marathon Clubs.  We also  discussed how or whether to pursue a mutually beneficial relationship (or partnership?) with Ad Astra and Gary Gribbles Running Stores.  More discussion might occur at a later meeting.

She also reviewed the club’s strategic plan road map.

She asked that we review the road map before the next meeting to decide whether we agree with it or want to make changes.  We will be reviewing the activities in the middle of the road map to estimate how much each will cost so that we can prepare a budget that will promote the club’s sustainability.

Dee gave a brief report on preparations for the T-Day run.  The design for this year’s participant shirts will be the same as last year’s volunteer shirts.

The meeting was adjourned by consensus.

The next meeting will be Sunday, June 11th at 4:30 pm at the Lawrence Public Library.

Submitted by Karen Hyde


Brenda’s RRCA Convention Notes

. . .from the Road Running Club of America (RRCA) National Convention & Meeting Thurs. Mar. 9 - Sat. Mar. 11, 2017 - Detroit, MI

Class Attendance (some requested by runLawrence members)

(Plane was delayed - didn't get to hotel until midnight - missed all of the Thurs. events).

Fri. Mar. 10, 2017

  1. General Session: Insurance & Risk Management - yes
  2. Growing the Urban Running Club - yes
  3. Managing Club and Event Finances - yes
  4. Annual Meeting of the Membership - yes
  5. A Night at the Museum - Detroit Historical Society - yes

Sat. Mar. 11, 2017

  1. Updating Your Club or Event Bylaws - yes
  2. Engaging all Members of Your Club - yes
  3. Developing a Network of Sponsors - yes
  4. Strategic Planning for Your Club - class was canceled
  5. Managing Conflicts of Interests and Charity Relations - yes
  6. Volunteer vs. for Profit ? - class was canceled

General Session: Insurance & Risk Management
Overview of the General Liability Policy
Claims have come in from spectators - and clubs are covered
Protection for volunteers even if they are not members
Liqueur liability - host coverage for people not in the business - as long as you don't serve it
Don't advertise on the application that there are drink tickets
Get a liability insurance certificate from those selling alcohol
Liability is $10K after their health insurance
Directors and officers - some people sue for injury of the mind
General liability - personal injury
Floater to cover race equipment
Race director (for an extra fee)
Coaches' policy - professional liability
Wavers are first line of defense for race coverage
Great section on the website of sample wavers and conditions of the event
Insurance also has a bib swapping policy protection from liability
Policy does not exclude headphones - should promote headphone safety
Working to add municipality and law enforcement to the policy
Giving volunteers gifts is compensation and they are working to revise this topic. Are club race directors volunteers or not? There is a sexual harassment policy - (need to look up)

Coaches policies are set up for individuals. Are coaches covered under the policy? Look under K&K policy Should always get insurance certificates from vendors.

Need to have separate race policy for jogging strollers - they have additional risk and children in a stroller are NOT covered under insurance.

RRCA recommends code of conduct be added for membership and part of annual renewal process.



2017 RRCA Convention Class Summaries

Growing the Urban Running Club - and Walking Club
The Detroit urban running club in this example primary focus was to sponsor daily/weekly runs for members. They called themselves “People Who Run Downtown” and later added Walkers, and Canadians. They are a very diverse set of runners so work hard to incorporate the diversity. They only have governance meetings 2 times a year and they are open to all.
They have separate board/committee meetings to decide where to run and how far and where to eat afterwards. The eating afterwards is very important. They reserve whole restaurants after their runs. The club is open to all, decisions are made by consensus. They volunteer for other club races and get donations. Donations is their main source of funding. They never charge dues. Other clubs like them because they are good volunteers and know what they are doing. Races now offer them stipends. They use waver cards for club runs. They suggest thinking about what makes a club unique and then “ran” with that.

Financial Management for Clubs and Events
Both the board and the treasurers' job to manage the finances and ensure the assets are safely guarded. The board has the fiduciary responsibility. Recommend club boards should ask the following questions:

  1. Is the organization profitable?
  2. What are the fixed obligations to support the strategic plan and mission?
  3. Are there sufficient reserves?
  4. Where is the club spreading the $$?
  5. Budgets will always be wrong - it is a picture in time.
  6. Is participation going up or down?
  7. What are the internal controls in place to protect the organization?
  8. Is there a budget committee?
  9. Recommend to adopt a board member contract outlining board members responsibilities and lay out the organization's responsibility to the board members.
  10. Board members need to sign a conflict of interest policy and a disclosure statement.
  11. A written policy on a whistle blowing should be required as an internal control.
  12. Bank account reconciliation should be done by a second party.
  13. Revenue on shirts sold should require sales tax.
  14. Policies to consider: dual signature checks

cap on how much a check can be written for
timely bank account reconciliation
documentation for expenses provided and saved
on line access to the bank account
budget and track results
financial reporting
reimbursement policy
quarterly financial review
keep records for 7 years
look at treasurer @
board members should always approve expenditures up front, i.e. before the expenditure is made hold on to documents for 7 years quickbook-on- line is a useful tool

Updating Your Club or Event Bylaws

  1. They are hard to change.
  2. Policies are easier to change (i.e. Bylaws and Policies are specific).
  3. Conflict of interest policy is required by RRCA.
  4. Incorporate the bylaws at the state level - Articles of incorporation w/in the state's business code.
  5. Registering the name protects members and personnel.
  6. Bylaw revision every 5 years.
  7. Audit required every 5 years.

Engaging Members
Kalamazoo Area Runners formed a partnership with a sports store and created a training program that encouraged member engagement. They also provided a CPR certification for coaches.

Developing a Network of Sponsors
“Run” the running club like a business. Incorporate a non-dues network of sponsors. The the sponsors become “wellness partners” not sponsors. Prepare a selling program for the “wellness partners”. The partners will get other things like a return on their investment by having their logo on the website. Make modest promise then over deliver so they are likely to renew. Use a media kit for the partners - include median age of members and how often the site is used, facility running strategy sessions at the partners' location.

Managing Conflict
There are resources on the RRCA website that include “Duty of Care”, “Duty of Obedience”, “Duty of Loyalty”.
Look at article within RRCA Inside Track Winter 2017 newsletter.
Clubs should have a donation policy that includes “who, what, where, and why”.