Club Meeting Minutes
Sun, September 10, 2017

(approved Oct 1, 2017)

4:30 pm, Lawrence Public Library

Present:  Brenda Groskinsky, Gene Wee, Becky McClure, Don and Lori Cackler, John Huchingson, Molly Wood, Dan Kuhlman, John Frydman, Karen Hyde and Lexi Brady.

Brenda called the meeting to order.

We reviewed the minutes from the July meeting.  John H. moved to accept the minutes; Molly seconded, and all approved.

Gene gave the treasurer’s report.  The end of July balance was $14,679.83, and the month end balance for August was $15,123.75.  A full treasurer’s report can be seen on the runLawrence website in the “About Us” section.

Brenda proposed that we use the following process for the action to be taken at the current meeting concerning the adaptation of the bylaws:  she would read the bylaws, and members present would hold questions but take notes over whether to make minor or major changes.  She proposed that we would vote on the bylaws as presented.   If the members present wanted to make minor changes, we could make them immediately with a majority vote of the board (as specified in the new by-laws), or members could send minor changes (i.e. spelling, grammar) to Brenda via email.

Molly moved to accept the proposal; Gene seconded, and all approved.

Brenda then read the most current copy of the bylaws.

Becky moved to vote to accept the bylaws as they were read.  Molly seconded, and all approved.

Molly moved to adopt the bylaws as read.  Don and Becky moved to accept the motion, and all approved.

Brenda encouraged us to read the bylaws again and to send her any spelling or grammatical corrections. Molly said that she would send proposed spelling and grammatical changes to Brenda.

Gene will post the new bylaws on the runLawrence website once all clerical changes are made.

Everyone thanked Brenda for her efforts in bringing the new bylaws to fruition.

Brenda commented that the new bylaws are very process oriented and that future club presidents will have to be well acquainted with the document.

Gene gave a brief report on preparations for the T-Day run.  Currently, 32 people have signed up.  This year the police will not be present at the race.  (We will have to call them if we need them.)  An ambulance and EMTs will be present.  All participants and volunteers will get the same shirts this year.  Ellie LeBar will sing the national anthem.

Gene expressed a concern that the Kansas Half-Marathon race has a different course this year and that runners will go through several of the streets that are part of the T-Day run course.  The Kansas Half-Marathon is scheduled two weeks prior to our race.  Gene’s concern is that some area residents will be unhappy about their streets being used for running events on two weeks nearly back to back.

In addition, Gene stated that if we should have to cancel the event, participants will not receive refunds or vouchers to use in the following year.  Participants will be allowed to pick up shirts.  The policy is noted on the race entry form.

Becky moved to adjourn the meeting; Karen seconded, and all approved.

The next runLawrence meeting will be Sunday, October 1st at 4:30 pm at the Lawrence Public Library.

Submitted by Karen Hyde