Club Meeting Minutes
Sun, January 7, 2018

(pending approval)

4:30 pm, Lawrence Public Library, room A

Present:  Brenda Groskinsky, Gene Wee, Dee Boeck, Becky McClure, Don and Lori Cackler, Molly Wood, Celeste Leonardi, and Karen Hyde

Brenda called the meeting to order.

We reviewed the minutes from the December meeting.  Dee moved to accept the minutes as written; Don seconded, and all approved.

Gene gave the treasurer’s report.  The end of December balance is $27,877.87.  All of the T-day race expenses and income have been processed. The net income from the 2017 T-day race was $14,976.81.  A full treasurer’s report can be seen on the runLawrence website in the “About Us” section.

Brenda stated that she will write a summary statement about our relationship with the USD497 marathon clubs and other area youth fitness groups to post on the runLawrence website and to possibly send as an e-mail to current and past club members.

As a follow-up report concerning the T-day race, Dee stated that she has reached out to Happy Shirts to provide gloves or mittens for next years’ race and to Van Gogh to make the awards.  Dee and Gene mentioned that the 2017 shirts that weren’t picked up by volunteers will eventually be available for purchase for $10.00.

The runLawrence 2018 T-day race has been designated the RRCA 5K Championship race.  Brenda mentioned that if we have suggestions for RRCA championship road or trail races for other distances we should e-mail her.  (The sponsoring club has to be a member of RRCA and the race must be a non-profit event. Road races for the half and marathon distances have already been designated.)

We reviewed the funding requests from USD497 marathon clubs and other area youth fitness groups.  Lori moved that runLawrence donate $7,700 to USD497 for distribution to the 14 elementary school marathon clubs*, $550 each to Liberty Memorial Central Middle School X-Country Club**, Eudora Elementary Cardinal Marathon Club, Eudora Middle School X-Country Club, and the Douglas County CASA Shepard Shoe Fund, $3000.00 to Woodlawn Elementary School, and $200 to the RRCA Kids Run America fund.  Molly seconded the motion, and all approved.

*Members decided on $7,700 to USD497 by multiplying $550 by 14 (the number of elementary middle school clubs). We trust that Denise Johnson, or other USD497 officials, will distribute the funds in an equitable manner.

**Karen suggested that we ask Denise Johnson whether or not to include the donation to Liberty Memorial Central Middle School X-Country Club in the check to USD497 or to write a separate check.

Nominations for 2018 officer elections were taken.  Since 9 members were present at the meeting to have a quorum, we elected officers.  Dee moved that Brenda remain president; Lori seconded, and all approved.  Brenda nominated Becky for vice-president; Celeste seconded, and all approved.

Gene nominated Karen for secretary; Molly seconded, and all approved.  Becky nominated Gene for treasurer; Molly seconded, and all approved.  Lori nominated Dee for race director; Becky seconded, and all approved.

Funding to send Brenda, Gene and Dee to the 2018 RRCA Annual Convention in Washington, D.C. has been requested from the club.  (RRCA is paying Brenda’s registration and lodging since she is the Kansas RRCA representative.

Brenda, Gene and Lori Lange will attend a race directors’ conference in KC on January 11.

Brenda suggested that we give club annual awards to non-board members to recognize members who have made outstanding contributions to the club.  All present were in favor of the idea; we’ll discuss it in more detail at a later meeting.

Brenda also suggested that we make a runLawrence calendar that includes the dates of area races and then sell copies at the T-day run.  Members present were interested; we’ll discuss the idea at a later meeting.

The next runLawrence meeting will be February 4th, at 4:30 pm at the Lawrence Public Library unless otherwise announced.
Don moved to adjourn the meeting; all seconded unanimously.

Submitted by Karen Hyde.