April 2015 News

Apr 30

Kendra Kuhlman on the Big Sur Marathon -
On a perfect day in April, Heidi and I ran the marathon of a lifetime.  At the extreme early hour of 4 AM, we boarded a bus and headed out to the race start at Big Sur Station.  The busses are not able to turn around after drop-off, so the only way to get back to our finish line near Carmel, CA was to run. read more 

Photo of Heidi Matsakis and KEndra Kuhlman at this year's Big Sur Marathon.

Apr 28

Beginning Sept 15, Lawrence Parks & Rec is offering a new running club for 50+. It's designed for people who are new or returning to running. Ellen Young will be the instructor. See page 23 of the Summer/Fall Activities Guide.

Garry Gribble's very own Kendra Kuhlman is now in charge of the free Thursday night group runs (aka the Mass Street Milers).  Kendra has a lot of great ideas about how to grow the group and make it more fun and welcoming to all, and she wants to hear from you all as well--your suggestions as well as feedback both good and bad.  Please share your thoughts with Kendra, either in person at the store or during a run, or by e-mail (Lawrence@run.com, subject line "Mass Street Milers"). 

Apr 27

Dee Boeck stands in front of the Sheslow Auditorium on the Drake campus before the Drake Relays 10K last Sunday. The results receipt dispells the rumor she is slow.
More photos
from the weekend.

Photo of Dee Boeck in front of the Sheslow Auditorium.


Apr 26

Lawrence results for the Big Sur Marathon: three finishers - Heidi Matsakis 4:13:55; Kendra Kuhlman 4:34:47, and Lisa Rea 5:44:56. Way to go!



Apr 23

Tight Hamstrings? This simple yogic stretch will do the trick -- no matter how inflexible you are. http://ow.ly/LZDXY

You don't have to be super bendy to practice yoga. In fact, the less flexible you are, the more likely you need to incorporate yoga into your life (after all, it'll improve your bend-ability).

In the video above, yogi Jules Mitchell demonstrates how to safely stretch your hamstrings through a series of forward folds. Mitchell reveals modifications throughout the clip, so even if you can't touch your toes while standing up straight, you'll be able to benefit from these moves.

Apr 20

How did runners from the Lawrence area do at the Boston Marathon? Take a look. Former Lawrencian, Fran Breslauer, had the best placing with her 5th in the F70-74 in 4:35:16. (times & places corrected 4/23/15)     full results

Place Ovrl Place Div



229 200 Rogers, Christopher Lawrence M18-39 2:38:56
1283 1000 Whittemore, Mark Mission M18-39 2:53:10
2298 1633 Baden, Josh Lawrence M18-39 2:58:41
3244 2190 Kucza, Jacob Emporia M18-39 3:03:05
3893 602 Meek, Aaron Topeka M40-44 3:06:32
8167 1191 Zazzali, Peter Lawrence M45-49 3:24:00
10638 3582 Fleming, Geoffrey Lawrence M18-39 3:31:30
137116 3138 Laws, Lynnette Ottawa F18-39 3:40:52
13796 1320 Hill, Jerry Lawrence M50-54 3:41:08
13890 3180 Girolamo, Teresa Lawrence F18-39 3:41:26
20342 4454 Waller, Keely Lawrence F18-39 4:08:47
20696 1210 Frydman, John Lawrence M55-59 4:11:02
21910 1804 Sodergren, Steve Topeka M50-54 4:20:28
22473 986 Tosh, Kelly Topeka F50-54 4:25:04
23401 5 Breslauer, Fran NY NY F70-74 4:35:16
24630 5393 Temple, Stephanie Lawrence F18-39 4:54:00
25419 1753 Madsen, Melanie Topeka F45-49 5:12:48

Apr 19

Here are scenes from Sunday's Sunflower Marathon Club (2.8 mi.). This annual end of the school year run has been held for five years at the Clinton Lake Softball Complex. more photos

Link to photos from the Sunflower Marathon Club Run on April 19, 2015.


Apr 19 - Just ran the Double Chubb 25K near St Louis - pretty tough trail race course. Finished 2nd overall and 1st Grand Master. Also, set a new course record for the Grand Masters division. I ran 2:06:16 and the old course record was 2:17:05, so I carved over 10 minutes off it. Well run race by the St Louis Ultra Runners group - felt good racing and lots of fun." - Dan Kuhlman

Hey runLawrence members, send us your success stories or any interesting running experiences. We like to hear from all members.

Apr 18

Congrats to these top finishers from around the Lawrence area at today's Garmin Marathon (and Half Marathon and 10K) in Olathe. full results

Steve Hoffman Bonner Springs M4549 21 3/46 3:19:50
Virginia Eliason Lawrence F3034 113 4/41 3:53:10
George Bernheimer Topeka M6569 410 2/8 5:09:38
Matt O'Reilly Lawrence M3034 5 1/113 1:21:53
Alex Beecher Lawrence M2529 7 3/70 1:23:05
Eric Wenrich Topeka M3539 9 2/130 1:24:09
Brittney Mills Lawrence F2529 86 4/138 1:39:35
Susie Fagan Lawrence F4044 103 3/215 1:41:00
John Blaser DeSoto M5559 105 3/56 1:41:12
Sophie Westbrook Lawrence F18UN 478 1/11 1:58:47
John Johnson Topeka M6569 1041 3/9 2:18:37
Ellen Young Lawrence F6064 1152 2/14 2:22:55
Karen Watkins Wellsville F3034 5 1/61 42:07
Brandon Enz Gardner M3539 21 2/27 47:45
Eluard Alegre Lawrence M3034 22 2/27 47:58
Sandra Meo DeSoto F4044 77 2/29 54:33
Stephanie Patelli Basehor F5054 89 1/20 55:28
Ralph Patelli Basehor M5559 90 1/11 55:28
Kasi Packard Perry F4044 107 3/29 56:38
Rachel Hockenbarger Topeka F4549 168 3/20 1:01:07

Apr 17

If you're planning to see the Kansas Relays, it's today and only today.

With severe weather anticipated to hit the Lawrence area throughout the day Saturday, Kansas Relays meet officials have elected to adjust the weekend schedule of events in hopes of avoiding delays or cancellations. Events originally scheduled for Friday and Saturday will now be combined into Friday only. There will no longer be any events held on Saturday.

The revised schedule

Apr 15

Doesn't appear to be anyone locally doing Boston AND the Big Sur Marathon. We have four locals going to Big Sur on Apr 26.

Kuhlman Kendra F 37 Lawrence Marathon 2147
Mandigo Carrie F 48 Lawrence 21-Miler 5509
Matsakis Heidi F 37 Lawrence Marathon 2467
Rea Lisa F 35 Lawrence Marathon 3016

Apr 14

KC Film Fest: The Barkley Marathons (Apr 16 & 19):
Every year 40 runners come from around the world to a small town in Tennessee to test their limits at a cult-like, quirky, and virtually impossible trail race. With a secret application process, unknown start time, and a course that changes every year, The Barkley Marathons has only had 10 people finish in 25 years. Inspired by a historic prison escape gone awry, what follows is an oddly inspiring story where pain has value, failure is spectacular. . . Tickets

Apr 13

Photo of Elizabeth Stewart and Greg Burger at the Rockin K Trail Run.

At the Apr 4th Rockin K Trail Run, Elizabeth Stewart and Greg Burger, show off a ring while standing in deep water. (Mile 90 Photography)

Apr 12

Thunder, lightning and rain greeted Brew to Brew participants this year in Kansas City. Overcast skies for most of the day, but for a brief moment there was blue sky, as shown here at the crossroad by the Milleret Farm. more photos | results

Apr 11

Congratulations to these local runners with top finishes at today's Rock the Parkway Kansas City Half Marathon and 5K.

Half Marathon      
Ovrl Name City Place Time
42 Michelle Andrew Topeka 1 F Masters 1:24:51.7
72 Dave Halferty Lawrence 2 M 45-49 1:28:38.2
174 Brian Daldorph Lawrence 2 M 55-59 1:34:44.8
178 Rachel Spotz Lawrence 3 F 25-29 1:34:51.3
289 Susie Fagan Lawrence 4 F 40-44 1:38:38.9
673 Pam Perica Bonner Springs 1 F 60-64 1:46:50.8
1215 Mallory Gallet Basehor 1 F 1-14 1:55:02.6
2417 Mimi Gardner Berryton 4 F 60-64 2:08:47.6

Ovrl Name City Place Time
20 Brittany Hartwell Lawrence 2 F 25-29 21:33.1
21 Doug Hartwell Lawrence 4 M 25-29 21:39.9
94 Kathy Strecker Topeka 2 F 50-54 27:17.4
113 Grace Kinman Topeka 3 F 15-19 25:10.2
150 Stacy Riggins Lawrence 1 F 55-59 26:19.0
218 Joanie Starks Lawrence 2 F 60-64 27:44.5
353 Patty Ogle Baldwin 3 F 55-59 29:38.4
1079 Frank Williams Lawrence 4 M 70-74 51:01.9

Apr 8

Photo of the 2014 downtown Lawrenc shot put compeititon.

The Kansas Relays Downtown Lawrence Men’s Shot Put is back for a fourth spring and is scheduled for Fri, Apr 17, in its usual location, on Eighth Street between Massachusetts and New Hampshire Streets. more

Apr 6

runLawrence president, Bill Kinnersley, likes to attend many of the smaller races in the region and initially had shared his thoughts on what happened with club officers. . He shares his observations in "Three Things about Racing."

Suburban Kansas City, early morning clear and cold,
A troupe of cars approaches as the sunrise turns to gold.
They come from all directions and in front of us converge.
They slowly fill the parking lot and passengers emerge.

Three things you can count on: that the sun will always rise,
That someone else is faster, and your shoes will come untied...

read more

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Sound rises like a cliff wall — drums, trombones, trumpets, the ubiquitous vuvuzela, the odd French horn and 10,000 fans screaming.

On the blue track below, 15-year-old boys have shot out of the blocks for the 400 meters, postures erect, arms slicing through the tropical air like knives. Faster, faster, they curl around the track as if astride that wave of sound.

This is the high school competition known as Champs. . . more
(by Michael Powell, The New York Times)

Apr 4

The Run for Life 10 Mile was back having been canceled in 2014. Results out in the next few days. In the mean time, here are some photos.

Link to photos for the 2015 Run for Life 10 Mile.


Apr 2

Experienced older runners who switch to barefoot running may not adjust as naturally to the process as younger runners do, a new study suggests, which could increase their risk of sustaining an injury while running without shoes. . .

“What we would expect is that over time, running barefoot while persisting with a heel strike would contribute to an increased, not a decreased, risk of injures,” says Dr. Scott Mullen, an orthopedic surgeon at the University of Kansas Sports Medicine and Performance Center and lead author of the new study and the study of young runners. more

Note: some runLawrence members were subjects for this study. Also, be sure to read the comments.
(from the New York Times, by , Apr 1, 2015)

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