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June 30

Photo of Bob Anderson at the Do the Double at Corporate Woods.Flickr photos

Doing his own Double - Bob Anderson (in red), who grew up in Overland Park, and where he started Runner's World magazine as a 17-year-old high school senior at Shawnee Mission West, is shown giving his all to finish ahead of Topeka's Brad Rhoden (in blue), the guy who placed ahead of him last year.

The Double Road Race held all over the U.S., was created by Bob as something different - a two-stage race. A 10K is the first race, then a break with the top male and female are given yellow jerseys to wear, then everyone runs a 5K. Results

June 26 - For Fitness, Push Yourself

Intense exercise changes the body and muscles at a molecular level in ways that milder physical activity doesn’t match, according to an enlightening new study. Though the study was conducted in mice, the findings add to growing scientific evidence that to realize the greatest benefits from workouts, we probably need to push ourselves. read more
(from the New York Times, June 25, Gretchen Reynolds)

June 21

The first of three Lawrence Memorial Hospital Summer Spray 5Ks was held this morning in Eudora. The next one is July 19 in Tonganoxie. more photos

June 18

When it comes to running, what are the differences between men and women? In partnership with Running USA, ACTIVE Network polled their ACTIVE Lifestyle Panel members to contribute to the National Runner’s Survey. Check the end of the report for their summary.

June 15

Happy Father's Day. Here's a 2000 Father's Day story on the Rileys from the Lawrence Journal-World.

June 14

Keith Dowell at the Trail Nerds Summer Intro 2.8 Mile Trail Run at Wyandotte County Lake Park. (Mile 90 Photography)

Photo of Keith Dowell.

Today at Eugene, OR, Texas A&M won the women's NCAA Track Championships. One year ago, the University of Kansas Women's Track & Field team made history in 2013, running, jumping and throwing to an easy victory at the NCAA Championships, the program's first national title. However, the road there was anything but easy.

June 12

Fifty years ago Bob Schul won the 5000m at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. He and Billy Mills combined for America's only 5&10 wins and at the same Olympics. Dick Lipsey pointed me to the garycohenrunning.com website. Gary Cohen interviewed Bob Schul in 2010 about his win and career. Bob essentially accused Ron Clarke and Michel Jazy later of using steroids in the '60s which wasn't illegal yet; Schul also says he liked the KU track uniforms better than others. Read the interview

June 7

A rainy day for races as thousands ran in heavy rains at Hospital Hill in Kansas CIty as well as a smaller crowd at the 4 for Others 4 Mile in Lawrence. Running can be surreal in the rain. Undistorted that would be Amy Mason crossing the finish line.

Top 3 finishers: Hospital Hill Half Marathon (June 6) - Local Winners
Name City Age Group Time
Josh Baden Lawrence 1st M20 (4th ovrl) 1:15:28
Matt O'Reilly Lawrence 3rd M25 1:25:19
Brian Daldorph Lawrence 1st M55 1:31:16
Jennifer Forkenbrock Lawrence 2nd F35 1:36:04
Dan Kuhlman Lecompton 1st M60 1:37:17
Jen Moore Lawrence 3rd F40 1:40:09
Logan Hassig Lawrence 2nd F19 & under 1:41:48
Pam Perica Bonner Springs 1st F60 1:50:47

Top 3 finishers: Hospital Hill 10K (June 6) - Local Winners
Name City Age Group Time
Todd Lowe Topeka 3rd M45 44:14
Heidi Matsakis Lawrence 2nd F35 48:47
Ken Johnson Lawrence 1st M60 49:56
Debbie Galbraith Lawrence 2nd F50 54:35
Jennifer Tate DeSoto 2nd F40 54:53

Top 3 finishers: Hospital Hill 5K (June 5) - Local Winners
Name City Age Group Time
Dane Johnson Kansas City MO 1st M30 18:06
James Fisher Eudora 2nd M35 18:37
Matt O'Reilly Lawrence 1st M25 18:52
Raph Belt Topeka 2nd M25 18:59
Dallin Bailey Pomona 2nd M10-14 20:55
Kristina Selters Lawrence 2nd F30 24:14
Stacy Riggins Lawrence 2nd F55 25:19
Joanie Starks Lawrence 2nd F60 27:08

Complete results

Selfie of Heather Krase-Minnick and Jennifer Houser at the start of Hospital Hill.Selfie of runLawrence president Heather Krase-Minnick with Jennifer Houser at the start of Hospital Hill - a brief dry spell.

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